Tomb of Shaikh Qadib al-Ban

قبر شيخ قديب البان

Variant Names:
Location: W.
W. Mosul, outside Bab Sinjar
Date of Construction
: 573/ 1177-1178   1123/1711 and 1358/ 1958 
Current Status: restored 1965, partially destroyed
Date of Destruction:
July 26 2014
Religious affiliation:
Sources: Daywahchi, Josef Meri, The Cult of the Saints among Muslims and Jews in Medieval Syria  (2002) 97-98, Monuments of Mosul, Ibn al-Mustawfi, Tarikh Irbil, ed. S Saqqar, II volumes (Baghdad, 1980), H. Corbin, Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi  (Princeton, 2014)

Dedicated to the famous antinomion saint, Shaikh Qadib al-Ban al-Mawsili much of the building was destroyed by an IED in 2014. Prior to its destruction, this structure was rebuilt twice in 1711 and 1957.