The Mosque or Mashhad of the Prophet Jonah (Nabi Yunus)

مسجد مشهد النبي يونس

Variant Names:
Location: W.
East Mosul, Tell al-Tawba, Niniveh
36.3246002197266, 43.1170997619629
Date of Construction
: 579/1179-80, Mujahid al-Din Kaymaz al-Rumi
Current Status: destroyed (twice) awaiting reconstruction
Date of Destruction:
July 24 2014
Religious affiliation: Muslim Shrine/ Church/ Temple/ mosque
Sources: Daywahji (Jawami min al-Mawsil p 75)/ Al-Faraj, Athar wa Mabani, p. 98, Ibn Jubayr, Ibn Battuta, Monuments of Mosul  

Located in Ninevah, some thirty minutes away from Mosul, the shrine was destroyed in two separate attacks in 2014. Reconstruction overseen by Jalal al-Din Ibrahim al-Khatani occurred in 1365-1366. Redesigns later occurred in the 1850s and 1980s. This shrine, among others, is one of the most visited and revered pilgrimage sites in Mosul.

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