Mosque and Tomb of al- Imam Muhsin

Variant Names:
W. bank Tigris, Mahallat al-Shifa’, inside walled city
Coordinates: 36.352984. 43.121666
Date of Construction:
Atabeg, originally Madrasa of al-Nuriyya of Nur al-Din Arslan Shah ibn `Izz al-Din Mas`ud (d. 1210), Seljuk Mihrab 
Current Status: Destroyed 
Date of Destruction:
Dome demolished 1963 and replaced with flat roof, 2014 (shrine) minaret damaged 2017
Religious affiliation: Muslim
Sources: Monuments of Mosul, Duwaichi pg. 258, ArchnetASOR

The Mosque and Tomb of al-Imam Muhsin was originally the site of Madrasa al-Nuriyya of Nur al-Din Arslan Shah ibn ‛Izz al-Din Mas‛ud. The date of construction cannot be confirmed, nor can the involvement of Badr al-Din Lu’ Lu’.