Mosque of Mujahid al-Din /Jami al-Khidr

Variant Names: al-Jami al-Ahmar, al-Jami’ al-Mujahidi, Jami al-Khidr (18thc), مسجد مجاهد الدين
Location: W.
bank of Tigris, southern edge of town
Date of Construction
: 579/1179-80, Mujahid al-Din Kaymaz al-Rumi
Current Status: destroyed
Date of Destruction:
February 26 2015
Religious affiliation: Islam
Sources: Monuments of Mosul, Duwaychi pg. 56-72

Known by a variety of names–Jami’ al-Mujahidi Mosque, Red Mosque, Mosque of Khidr, Jami’ al-Rabad–this building was once part of a sprawling group of buildings along the banks of the Tigris outside of Bab al -Tibn. It was founded in 1176/572 AH by a Seljuk atabeg, Mujahid al-Din Kaymaz al-Rumi. The structure was reconstructed during the Ottoman era but was kept in its original design integrity.