Mosque of al-Nabi Shith مسجد النبي سيث

Variant Names: Mosque of the Prophet Seth (Translated), Daariah Nabi Shiyt (Alternate), Shrine of Nabi Shiyt (Alternate)
Location: W. Mosul, al-Nabi Shith st. 
36.33476, 43.13558
Patron: Ahmad Basha ibn Suleyman Basha al-Jalili
Date of Construction
: 1815-16
Current Status: Under Restoration
Date of Destruction:
July 24, 2014 (by ISIS)
Religious affiliation: Muslim
Sources: ArchNet, PBS, Monuments of Mosul

This Ottoman shrine was located outside of the city gates. It was one of many Prophet shrines destroyed by ISIS. Built over a long period of time the shrine became the center of a massive cemetery and numerous shrines whose fluted domes were evident well into the twentieth century. A new minaret and mosque were built upon the destroyed original structure in the 1970s and 1980s.

Confirmed: the Shrine-Mosque of Prophet Seth/Nabi Sheet has been destroyed