Mosque and Shrine of al-Imam al-Bahir

مسجد وضريح الامام الباهر

Variant Names: Mashhad Imam Bahir ibn al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali
Bab al-Masajid (inside former walled city)
36.3235015869141, 43.1183013916016
Date of Construction:
Shrine (Atabeg) 1239/renovation 1299, Badr al-Din Lu’lu’(patron), Mosque (Ottoman)
Current Status: Razed 
Date of Destruction:
September 2014
Religious affiliation: Islam
Sources: Monuments of Mosul,  Archnet, Duwaichi pg. 187-190

Located in the Shaykh Fathi quarter, the shrine or Mashhad of al-Imam Bahir was frequently rebuilt. Its tomb bears an inscription with the date 1299/699. It was one of a number of shrines associated with the reign of Badr al-Din Lu’Lu’. When it was rebuilt in 1940, the tomb’s mihrab and portal were moved to Baghdad.