Mar Behnam Shrine دير مار بهنام

Variant Names: Khidr Elias , Dayr Mar Bahnam  (Transliterated), Dayr al Khidr (Formerly known as), Beth Gubbe (Formerly known as), Monastery of Mar Behnam and his sister Sarah, Monastery and tomb (maryrium) 
36.137823, 43.406267
Date of Construction:
1146/541 AH (restored), 1295/694 AH (restored)
Current Status: Rebuilt 
Date of Destruction:
2015/1436 AH
Religious affiliation: Syrian Orthodox brought under the jurisdiction of Syrian Catholic church in the nineteenth century
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Rebuilding the Mar Behnam mausoleum, Fraternite

Located in a-Hamdaniya, this shrine and church is the best-preserved medieval church in Mosul. Noted for its beautiful architectural carvings and a long history of ecumenical activity, the building was one of many medieval shrines associated with curing waters. It was recently reconstructed by Fraternite en Iraq.